Saturday, July 26, 2014

Facebook discussion thread

A recent blog post has gotten some interesting (?) discussion going where I shared it on Facebook. If you are on Facebook you might enjoy following along- or joining in.

(I accept any and all requests, but am nearing the "5,000 friends limit")


Rattle, rattle...

Important Readings

These may not be "The Most Important" to you, but for me, these are the sort of things that can make people see Liberty in a whole new light. Read them and share them with those who might need them.

Abstain from beans

Better off stateless: Somalia before and after government collapse

"But wouldn't warlords take over?"

The Criminality of the State

FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh (or here)

John Taylor Gatto

The Libertarian Enterprise

The Market for Liberty

The Myth of the "Rule of "Law".

The On Line Freedom Academy (TOLFA)

Our Enemy, the State

The Penalty is always death

The Philosophy of Liberty (OK, video reading)

"Political means" vs "Economic means"

The Practicality of Libertarianism

Somali “Anarchy” Is More Orderly than Somali Government