Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I hope I'm wrong, and they are, too

I hope I'm wrong, and they are, too

(My Clovis News Journal column for January 23, 2015.)

Doom and gloom. It comes at you from every direction, but relax: the doomsayers are probably wrong about almost everything.

I don't believe primitive barbarians will take over the world in the name of their religion. Sure, they want to; they just can't.

I don't believe Anthropogenic Global Climate Change- even if it's real- will destroy the world, or more specifically, civilization. Even if real and actually harmful, I don't believe giving more power to the planet's worst polluters and despoilers- governments- is a reasonable response. "Here, Br'er Fox, watch this hen house while I sleep."

I don't believe immigrants will, or even can, destroy America. The internal rot of socialism doesn't need their help since the majority of Americans absolutely love socialism as long as they can call it something else. Most Americans are also quite happy to vote to give the State more power over their own lives as long as they believe it affects someone else worse. Don't blame newcomers until you've straightened up your own house.

I don't believe energy is scarce, if governments can be prevented from withholding, regulating, rationing, and taxing it. When there's a problem, that's where it lies.

I don't believe getting governments out of the prohibition racket will result in disaster and runaway drug abuse.

The doomsayers are wrong, but I doubt they'll ever admit it.

On the other hand, there are some things I think are real threats. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope I'm wrong that the US police state will get much worse before people finally get fed up enough to get off the couch and push back to put an end to it. It's never too late, but waiting too long can make it harder to prevail and can raise the price considerably.

On a similar note, I hope I'm wrong that the majority of people will continue to eagerly give up essential liberty for false security. I hope I'm wrong and they'll turn things around before they are personally hurt.

I hope I'm wrong that a water pipeline from Ute Lake is the multi-million dollar equivalent of having your water shut off and believing you can rely on the water in your water heater and toilet tanks as a long-term solution.

I hope I'm wrong that the dollar is headed toward an inevitable collapse due to the Federal Reserve's decades-old counterfeiting scheme, and when it does collapse, people will be caught by surprise and will panic; having done nothing to prepare while living in comfortable denial about where things are headed.

If I'm wrong about those looming disasters, I'll be the first to celebrate my wrongness. Prove me wrong!

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