Sunday, January 04, 2015

Let your fear go

Cowardice. Ugh. Just look where it gets people.

Fear of war lords, of hordes of worthless people looting, or of other bad guys makes people embrace the State- and it's disgusting enforcers- out of fear of what might happen in their absence. It's really sad.

I see it over and over.

Just because people are scared of what they imagine could happen, they support a current evil that really does kill innocent people now. I'm not sure how they imagine things could be worse without the State, but they certainly do imagine it. I've always had an active imagination, but that's stretching it beyond thin.

But, maybe they are right. Maybe liberty would be a short-lived disaster. I highly doubt it, but I'm willing to take my chances. How about you?

I'll watch your back, and I would appreciate it if you watch mine- but no obligation if you'd rather not. Liberty is worth the trouble.


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  1. If there were no such thing as fear there could be no such thing as courage. Cowardice is misguided or inappropriate fear -- fear of the unknown. Most folks fear your and my freedom (to say nothing of their fear of taking personal responsibility for their own choices). The term "unregulated" strikes fear in many, many hearts -- without their knowing what "unregulated" would amount to. State media folks play that fear up to its utmost all the time.

    Because the free market is the only true regulator. You and I "regulate" sales every day by the brands we select to purchase. You might prefer brand "X", while I will only purchase brand "Y". The producers over at brand "X" spend goodly sums of money in attempt to convince me I should "do myself a favor" and give brand "X" a try. That's freedom. My insistence in sticking with brand "Y" does not interfere with your freedom to purchase brand "X".

    It is Stockholm Syndrome that causes war. Think about that. We're given to believe the phenomenon only inflicts a small fraction of folks. Not. I'm thinking well, well over 90% are smitten with Stockholm Syndrome -- though none will admit it.

    It is my hope the Internet Reformation is changing the numbers -- whatever they are. It might not happen rapidly. But it will happen. I hope.

    I'd like to live to see the day when virtually everyone you and I know will shed their fear of total self-determination -- for all. Sam