Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Libertarians are superior

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This is not polite or "nice", but it is true. I'm sure I'm not the first to point this put- I have even touched on it in the past- but it needs to be pointed out frequently. Maybe not so emphatically if you want to be listened to, I admit. I'll assume you already know this, and may just be afraid of saying it out loud. So I'll do it for you.

Liberty lovers are simply superior people. Better than statists. More intelligent. More ethical. More moral.

Anarchists/Voluntaryists/Abolitionists/libertarians ("AVAL")- whatever you want to call them- are better people to the extent they are consistent. This is contrasted by statists who are only decent when they are inconsistent and act like AVAL. And, no, it isn't humanly possible to be totally consistent- although it is a worthy goal.

When an AVAL is inconsistent they take on statist characteristics and fall short. When a statist is inconsistent (to statism as a whole, not necessarily to only his favored form of statism) and acts in an AVAL manner, he is a better person at that moment.

The same goes for those who follow a religion. As far as the religion parallels AVAL, it is good. Where it diverts it is bad. Every single time- no matter what excuse is used. While I don't understand the desire to believe in the supernatural, I do appreciate that there are a lot of religious AVAL who are reasonably consistent.

The social behavior advocated by AVAL works so much better, too. But, like a person who invents a car among cavemen, I don't expect the statists around me to do anything but hit my ideas with clubs. It's all they can do. The cavemen can't seriously be expected to hop behind the wheel and drive off into the sunset as if they've been driving all their lives. And statists can't wrap their tiny little brains around the fact that aggression and theft is a pathetic way to "organize" a society. It's all they know. So, they aggressively attack. They can't show their way is better- thousands of years of failure after failure show the holes in that silly claim.

AVAL are able to explain economics, politics, human nature, etc. with reason and logic. Statists are only able to cry that AVAL "don't understand reality" without giving a logical alternative explanation that is better and more explanatory. That's because there is none. Their argument is empty, and they can't accept it.

Statism falls again and again into how something "feels", and what government action "might" make statists feel better. Real world results mean nothing. Borders, anti-gun "laws", prohibition and all the rest of the sacred statist superstitions collapse under examination- but the "feelings" remain and to a statist, that's all that matters. If that's not an inferior mindset, I don't know what is.

I have plenty of flaws, but I always want to be better in every way. Why disadvantage myself by clinging to a flawed, irrational "philosophy" like statism unless I was satisfied with being less than I could be? There are enough hard things to improve about myself. This was an easy one.


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