Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Open carry vs concealed carry

Here's why I prefer open carry- or at least why I wish coproaches wouldn't murder me for open carrying here in the "surprisingly" anti-gun state of Texas:

Concealed carry is uncomfortable. I have never been able to find a CC holster that is the slightest bit comfortable- and by that I mean one which doesn't actually constantly hurt. I have tried several styles and even created my own. They all suck- with the cheapest actually sucking slightly less. I have adopted unconventional methods for the time being, but am always adjusting and experimenting.

When I lived in more free areas I open carried most of the time. I would still CC when the situation called for it (often doing both), but having options is always better.

I understand the tactical advantage CC gives me. I also understand the deterrent effect of seeing lots of people OCing all around you.

But I like wearing a holster on my hip. It just feels right- natural. And I have a lot more options of what to carry that way, too. As I say, I like options. If I ever could find a CC system/holster that doesn't cause agony I'd like that in the meantime.

This means one of the few "political" issues I tend to follow is that of Texas puppeticians considering the possibility of ending their criminal behavior and re-legalizing open carry.

Constitutional carry is a good start, Diplomatic Carry is better. After all, you and I are in foreign, enemy territory here at home.

If you have found a CC system you like, and that doesn't hurt, let me know. If it is something I haven't tried yet (and I can afford the holster) I'll give it a try. And I realize part of my problem may be the large size of my CC weapon.



  1. Old slab sides, fully loaded 1911, cocked and locked. Wide, 1 1/2 inch heavy leather belt. Butt forward, piece on the right side with the forward edge of the grip at the middle of the side. I carry it all day without any discomfort. As a bonus, there being no holster there is no proof that the piece was concealed. After the fact I have the piece in my hand, or behind my belt buckle for all the world to see.
    f em.

    1. How secure is it? When I have carried that way, it tends to slip.

    2. As I described my method it is very secure.

      If I try to carry this way while wearing a suit with no belt, or a narrow belt it is not secure in that it slips, Therefore I wear a wide, heavy belt and it does not slip.

      I shoot my 1911 almost every day. I run with the pistol carried in this manner. The pistol stays secure. Many times I carry 2, 3, or 4 pistols with my 1911 carried as described. The other pistols are carried openly in holsters except for a .44 mag in a shoulder holster.

      I would think that I am not the only one who carries his pistol in this manner. Those that I know carry it at the middle of their back without a holster. I prefer the method I described. I am of average build and not overweight.

      Obviously I can't speak for others, but this works for me.
      f em

  2. Just got a PF-9, small enough to drop in a pocket. Only 7 shots, but that is 7 more than without, and no one sees it.

    I really liked the S&W mod 60, .357 5-shot revolver, I bought one with the 3" barrel for a former girlfriend. Fit my hand like it was made for it, but it was still too wide to just drop in my pocket.