Monday, March 09, 2015

A "Deaddog's switch"- a profitable idea?

You know I'm somewhat enthusiastic about preps. I try not to push the issue, since I don't think that helps- when it matters to you, you'll do it. I wish it mattered to everyone.

Over at Dirttime, Dude McLean has posted a good reminder I hope you'll take the time to read.

And, it gave me an idea.

He was talking about having dogs as an early warning for home invasions. But as you know, the most dangerous home invaders- members of the Blue Line Gang- often shoot the dogs first to prevent them from warning the gang's victims.

That is a problem with a solution- for someone who has the knowledge and drive to solve it- for a profit!

Electronic collars are available for all sorts of things now. What I'd like to see is one that triggers an alarm if the dog's heart stops beating. As soon as the badgethug pops the dog, floodlights come on all over the property and sirens sound, alerting everyone around to the danger.

Sure, there would need to be tweaks. You don't want the alarm going off if FluffyButt loses his collar. Maybe if the collar comes loose while the dog's heart is still beating, or if the battery is dying, you get a quieter alert so you can check it out.

Just an idea I hope some entrepreneur picks up and runs with. And gets wildly rich. I do think there'd be a market for it.



  1. It is a good idea, and has real "crossover" potential (like music artists who can crossover between genres).

    When dogs are in pain, heart rate is a key indicator vets use. So simply monitoring the heart rate for general pet-health reasons is worthy of development. The side benefit is well-covered in the post.

    1. There would need to be some way to keep it from triggering if your dog saw a squirrel and got excited, while still keeping you informed of his general well-being. But, yeah, I think this has potential.

    2. Know any electronics-type-nerds who may want to run with it? This is "tinkering on the weekend" stuff for a talented nerd. (*Nerd is said with great affection, admiration, and usually awe - that part of my brain never got out of 3rd grade)

    3. I don't. But I may know of someone who might. Working on it.