Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be good- don't work for government

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Just as there is no such thing as a "good cop", you can't be a good person while doing a government job. It's just not possible. Truly good people don't work for government.

But what about "public school" teachers? Surely I don't include them?

Yes, I do. And it pains me because of the number of government school (kinderprison) teachers in my family. They can (just like cops) be nice, but not good.

A kinderprison teacher's money comes by theft- often, or maybe always- from a yearly ransom on property. "Property tax" is one of the most outright evil forms of theft ever dreamed up by thieving perverts. Living on stolen goods isn't good.

Then, kinderprison teachers also indoctrinate their young prisoners into the religion of statism. Sometimes gently, but always.
"Truth comes from authority."
"You must follow the rules, no matter how ridiculous."
"You will obey the bell."
"Truancy must not be allowed!"

And, usually, the "students" are indoctrinated into believing that government is necessary, or even good. They are taught a warped version of history that exalts evil thugs and war.

Of course, even a private school teacher can do the same horrible things to the students. Privatization is no guarantee of decency.

If you are a teacher at a kinderprison- or a private school based on the Prussian indoctrination system- you should quit if you want to become a good person.


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