Saturday, March 07, 2015

Finally- I find an excuse for government

I'm always saying there's no excuse for government.

I have been wrong.

There is an excuse: insanity.

Insanity is the only thing that can excuse a person for believing the statist propaganda and rejecting reality. So, when someone advocates government or The State, just think of it as pleading insanity and deal with them appropriately.



  1. They are not just insane, they are criminally insane. To believe you can create a right you do not have nor ever had to begin with is insane. To delegate that fictional right to a group of sociopaths with weapons so they may exercise said right upon everyone, is criminally insane.

    1. The best way to deal with someone you know to be criminally insane: watch them carefully and shoot them as soon as they make a threatening move. The problem is I am seriously outnumbered so that probably isn't a survivable strategy.

    2. 1) Create killing zone...or 2 or three.
      2) Plant bait to lure them to intended placement.
      3)Repeat at separate location.

  2. Insanity is the social norm. And because of that, wars and rumors of war are a forgone conclusion.

    Of course, in believing that we put ourselves in the most minor of minority categories -- "extremest libertoons". Virtually everyone believes in that monopoly of psychopaths (and sociopaths) most have been propagandized to call The State ("Our-Great-Nation", "My-Country"). They're convinced those despots serve socially useful purposes.

    After all, isn't the school down there in the center of town our pride and joy? Don't we root for the home team? Wouldn't it be heretic -- sacrilegious, in fact -- to cheer for anybody else?

    How many people do you know who have ever thought through just why local schools and regional universities are operated by agents of state? The reason (which should be obvious to any 2nd grader) is so that each "citizen" will grow up inculcated with the statist point of view. So that war will be celebrated to mean "freedom" (and up to mean down, and in to mean out).

    Total and unquestioning indoctrination. And insanity.

    Oooorgle is right: they are not just insane, they are criminally insane. They follow pshchopaths to their -- and all of our -- dooms. Unless we can convince a critical mass to abstain from beans.

    A heavy order. Sam

    1. Speaking of "the home team"- the high school (?) basketball (?) team here had a championship game yesterday and after the Big Sendoff (after which they let out school early) the principal asked my daughter if she was going to the game. My daughter said "What game?"

      Even though her mom forces her to attend kinderprison, she still isn't quite indoctrinated into it all. Yet. And I will continue to do my best to make sure she never is.

    2. I was disciplined by the band director in my HS marching band for not jumping up and cheering when the football team made a down...(or whatever football teams do that get people on their feet.)
      Some people just don't get wet over sports.

    3. I think I have only been to one football game ever, and I was there looking for a particular girl, so I didn't pay any attention to what was going on with the game. I avoid such things anyway, since they want you to pledge allegiance to the State. I don't do that.

  3. Your gentle but loving words to her will stick with her. That's the Dad's hope when he and Mom can't bring up the kids together. If you can resist the temptation to "throw barbs" at Mom while you and daughter are together, that will help immensely. She will love you -- and Mom.

    That does not mean you should let up on your quest to "disindoctrinate" her from statist mindset. It only means that she will love her Mom as children love their Moms -- and that is a good thing, not a bad thing, whatever you think of her Mom personally.

    I've been divorced from the Mom of my 7 children since 1983 -- now 32 years the end of March. She still will not speak to me, and cries whenever grandkids (now great-grandkids) run up to her and shout, "...we got to see Grandpa!..." (as reported by the parents). It serves as the reason some of them refrain from coming to my house to visit often. I understand. Children -- even adult children -- are traumatized when Mom and Dad are split up.

    I'm grateful to my AA sponsor of now 47 years, who convinced me some 35 years ago to avoid that temptation to badmouth the kids' Mom (and grandkids' Grandma). Sam