Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Petty control freaks

I try to get along with everyone- and usually do- even with most statists. But some statists try really hard to make that nearly impossible.

I say "statists", but in some cases I'm not quite sure whether it's statism, or just an enthusiasm to enforce rules.

I have been "camping" for the past few days. No internet (which is why no comments on the blog were responded to for a few days). The camp host where I stayed enthusiastically enforces rules the park management never bothered with. In fact, he bragged that he "educated" the manager about the rule which wasn't being enforced and of which the manager wasn't even aware. He even says he has had to inform many other park managers of this rule, because most of them aren't aware of it. Isn't he such a big man.

I'm sure I don't even need to mention it is a counterfeit rule.

This is a case of the government employee being less evil than the freelance control freak. "Watch how good I am- pat me on the head, Master."

This camp "host" (Benny Dennis, in case you'd like to know the control freak's name) descended on us with clipboard in hand to inform us we were in violation- almost before we'd had a chance to catch our breath after arrival. The extra fee to bring us into compliance would have cost us 50% more and would have obviously shortened the vacation- although we found a way around it (at added cost and inconvenience).

People who say "I only enforce the rules; I don't make them", and "apologize" for having no choice but to enforce the rules- rules which have never been enforced until he showed up and insisted on enforcing them- are worse than those idiots who make up the rules in the first place.

I could see if he were being forced to enforce the rules by a gun pointed at his head. But that obviously wasn't the case here. He is someone who goes out of his way to insist a counterfeit rule be enforced so that he can throw his weight around. A cancer on the human family tree.

Yet, as in all cases, he could become a good guy in one instant by stopping what he has been doing. By minding his own business and leaving people alone as long as they aren't attacking or stealing.

I mostly avoided him by staying off in the brush. It's better for my health.


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