Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anarchy- almost too mainstream

One sad thing about being an anarchist is that the opportunities to do something really radical and different are so few.

Because, belief in "government" or not, everyone lives their personal lives in a state of anarchy the vast majority of the time. If they didn't, they'd quickly end up dead.

So, people generally don't molest others. They hold the door open for each other. They help out those in need when they can. They try to not crash their car into other cars or pedestrians. They don't rob people. They don't go around trying to force everyone around them to obey their every whim.

In other words, anarchy is so mainstream it's almost boring. The best you can do is point this out to statists and watch them sputter and fume, try to deny it, or claim "that's not anarchy!"

I guess the only really radical thing left to anarchists is to not make exceptions for those who act like jerks as a part of their "job".


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