Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Death by broccoli- Death by liberty

Broccoli is healthy for you to eat, eating only broccoli isn't healthy. Some statists believe liberty is like that. Some is good, but "too much" is unhealthy.

They are wrong.

Is "too much" bad?


First of all, there is no such thing as "too much" liberty, since liberty is self limiting- it ends where someone else's begins. Your liberty can not violate another person's- by definition.

Because liberty is doing anything which doesn't violate any other person or their property. There is no way for that to be bad.

In other words, some statists are grasping for justifications to enslave you so they'll feel more comfortable. Disgusting.



  1. I don't eat broccoli. I don't eat asparagus either. Nor do I eat brussels sprouts. I was forced by my step father to attempt eat those when I was five years old. I promptly vomited them back onto my dinner plate. At which point he declared to me, "You're gonna have that for breakfast!"

    Now I am an adult, and a free man. I don't have to eat it and you can't make me!

    1. Nice parenting. Glad you survived.

      I love broccoli and brussels sprouts, Asparagus, not so much.

      I think I vomited up the State I was forced to ingest at a young age.