Saturday, April 18, 2015

Do professional rapists protect you from freelance rapists?

The excuse that "some people do bad things" as justification for your belief in "government" is the same as saying that it would be best to allow professional rapists to prey on people rather than to risk freelance rapists.

And, of course, in the mind which operates like this, it would be wrong to resist or shoot the professional rapists because they protect you from the other rapists.

That's insane. Don't be insane.

Don't advocate professional rape because amateur rapists are out there. Just shoot the rapists.



  1. Rape is wrong. But in the name of democracy and collective 'rights', isn't state gang rape is perfectly acceptable?

    Are you Libertarians crazy? You do realize that collective rituals with symbolic cloth and magic words gives mortal men special god-like powers to alter reality and the natural order of things with ink, paper and guns, right?

    "Just shoot the rapists." Seriously? if you have a right to use violence in defense. The only people who can use violence are the beloved state heroes with special clothes and guns who say magic words. And they can do whatever they want because ink and paper universe says so.

    You need to wake up to reality, Kent.

    1. Yep. I should learn to lick boots. Do they make a sauce for boots?- because I see people enjoying it so thoroughly.

    2. Soak boots in Sangria wine before licking.
      At least you can cop a little buzz before being raped.