Thursday, April 09, 2015

Voluntaryist volunteers

I was recently told by a government extremist that they doubt I ever volunteer. They were speaking specifically about teaching (other people's) kids, but as I won't participate in classroom settings anymore, that limits my opportunities around here. They claimed that was no excuse.

Perhaps. But that's not the only way to volunteer.

I actually have done classroom volunteering in the past. I have taught kids about mountainmen and demonstrated the mountainman skills. Without setting the school on fire or shooting anyone.

Now my volunteer work is mostly of a different nature.

For one, spending vast amounts of time debating statists in order to try to give them a hand improving the quality of their lives. Or at least helping observers see the truth and rightness of Rightful Liberty.

But that's not all. I pick up litter. A lot. I find it relaxing, and it also helps "the community" while it improves my life.

I have also taught kids- informally and on the spur of the moment- many different things I know. Just because I didn't set myself up as Teacher and make them take the role of Student doesn't mean I didn't teach them. (They have also taught me every time I taught them.)

But "liberals" have claimed I am a nasty, self-centered individualist, unlike themselves. Because I don't do it their approved way, through their approved channels, teaching their approved agenda.

I consider that another plus to me.

How many of you do volunteer work?



  1. These "liberals" seem to think that doing nothing at all is worse than advocating government. I'd much rather see everyone that participates in statism do absolutely nothing instead.

    I don't donate to charities because at best the money is never fully used for those intended. I do give those I see in need money directly at times. I do give many of the skills I am proficient at away for free; I repair most everyone's computer I know rather than have them hire a technician. I do repairs on their houses, roofs, etc. But the most charitable thing I do absolutely everyday is pay good attention to never advocate anyone be robbed by government or another individual, and to educate them to become aware of when it is happening.

    There would be far less need for "charity" in this world if everyone was able to determine right from wrong without a law, cop, judge, pastor, priest, or rabbi to tell them the difference.