Wednesday, May 06, 2015

"But, the LAW!"

"But, there's a law!"


Bullies calling themselves "government" aren't watching your every move. They'd love for you to believe they are, though.

Mostly, they depend on you intimidating yourself into following their made-up rules out of fear, or because of some weird "obligation" to obey their absurd opinions.

Don't initiate force. Don't violate private property. Obey "laws" if you are currently being watched by a bully who has the ability to harm you for not doing so- if self-preservation is high on your list of priorities. Otherwise, ignore the bullies and their opinions.

And feel free to laugh at them and their fans.



  1. Laws are what your rulers tell you to do.

    1. And since none of us should lower ourselves to have rulers....

      "Laws" are just the empty opinions of bullies, imposed on people through their hired guns.