Monday, May 04, 2015

Cult of death

It's not someone's "authority" that makes them a danger to my life, liberty, and property. "Authority" is imaginary.

It's their willingness to rob, molest, or kill me, based on their belief in their own "authority", that's the danger to me.

Some will kill in the name of their god, and one of the most dangerous death cults is "authority".



  1. The absolute brilliance wrapped in perfect brevity you display is awe inspiring Kent.
    I hope you are complimented by my using your material to have "discussions" with others!!!!
    Thank you :-)


    1. Sometimes I feel like I am shortchanging my readers with short posts- but on the other hand, I hate padding them with unnecessary words. So, I really appreciate your comment.
      And, of course, I want everyone to use my words in any way they think they'll help.

  2. Concise is preferred and very quotable.