Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You are responsible for what you support

You've heard it before: "This ain't no f---ing game".

There are people out there supporting "government" actions and programs that are getting lots of innocent people killed. Those people want to feel good about themselves and need to believe they are not doing something wrong- but they are not being good at all.

Some even believe themselves to be champions of Liberty in spite of their support for Liberty's natural enemy.

They need to be shocked back to reality if they refuse to take responsibility for their actions.



  1. That reminds me of people who say "we" do this or that, when what they mean is "the US government does".

    "We" didn't do anything, because I didn't do it. I objected to it.

    1. Or "we won WWII". Ummm.... No, I wasn't there and neither (most likely) were you. Tribalism gets silly.

  2. One group of jurors after another collaborates with persecutors to destroy millions of lives through the war on drugs. Even when confronted with a horrible sentence that they enabled, they excuse: "we had to because of judge's instructions. American people lack moral judgment. Any morality that they had been born with has been replaced by obedience to authority. Americans are wicked people. The U.S.A. needs a great big flood.

    1. I don't believe in collectivism.
      Yes, most people who get through the jury-tampering process are too stupid to think for themselves- but not all. And, most of the people I talk to who help me refine my ideas of self ownership and Rightful Liberty live in America, so a continent-wide flood would be as evil as the Biblical one. Or as a nuclear attack.

    2. This has nothing to do with collectivism which points out the interdependence of all. This is a generality like most adults are taller than five feet. The war on drugs is the worse problem in the U.S.A. It is worse than all the other problems put together because this persecution has destroyed millions of lives and individual liberties. A genuine assessment of this persecution can not ignore the fact that the building blocks are a population than overwhelmingly supports and collaborates with this persecution.

      The Holocaust problem was not solved by legalizing Jews. It was solved by destroying Germany. The U.S.A. must be destroyed- let anyone resembling Noah and his support team survive.

      God bless the good people who support you. They are not like my family, friends, neighbors who don't care who is destroyed by the war on drugs as long as it is not them. One wealthy friend of mine spends a lot of money hiring the best defense for his two sons who are repeatedly arrested for marijuana crimes. He is strongly against marijuana legalization. His support for the war-on-drug's persecution is stronger than his concern for his two sons. How do you explain that without using the word wicked?

    3. Most of my family are actively statist- BUT they now seem just slightly ashamed to be. I see that as progress. But the people I am talking about are scattered all over the world, and connect with me via this and other blogs and social media. I don't doubt that a large number of people are simply evil statists, but by flooding or nuking them you'd also kill those who aren't. And that's what governments do; not decent people. "Collateral damage" is murder, no matter who commits it.

      Of course, I have long distinguished between the US and America. The US must die- and it will. It is committing a long, drawn out suicide right in front of our eyes.

      And, yes, the idiocy of those who support the Stupid and Evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs never fails to astound me.