Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Aggression is the use of (or the credible threat of using) violence against a person who is not using or threatening violence against you, nor violating your property.

(Constantly, in discussions with statists, they refuse to understand what is and what isn't "aggression". Mostly because they have a statist agenda which would be interfered with by a strict understanding of what constitutes aggression. They'd be forced to face the fact that they are advocating evil, and that is uncomfortable.)



  1. First, do no harm. Instigate no force, perpetrate no fraud. Treat others like you wish to be treated. If it harms none, do as you will.

    1. What would you do if someone has done serious physical harm to a person that you care about? This harm was the result of mean aggression. You found out about this incident weeks later.

    2. I might initiate force (commit aggression) while knowing I had no right to do so. And I realize there might be consequences I wouldn't like. I'm not perfect. I have human passions that often lead me to do the wrong thing. At least I know it's wrong. Sometimes I decide it's worth it- very often I discover later it wasn't.

      Some people think revenge is OK and "allowed" by the ZAP. I don't. But I still understand the hunger for revenge. Make no mistake, though, we are talking here about revenge, not justice.

    3. I would call the cop-roaches and let them handle it. Not everything that the cops do is bad. You might even enjoy annoying them into doing something useful.

      I remember peeing at the urinal, in the courthouse, next to a cop and asking: "have you caught any bad guys lately". He got agitated by what I told him next.

    4. Too often the cops show up and kill the person who called them. It's not worth the risk anymore (if it ever was).