Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Politically incorrect"? Or something more hilarious?

Most people who believe they are being "politically incorrect" are actually just being political- and are also incorrect.

And many of them feel very smug while doing so.

It's sort of funny to watch.



  1. Political = violent

    It makes absolutely no sense to bring children into a world of abuse and enslavement. And you cannot reason with government or statists. So, how do you destroy the state and/or kill billions of people?

    1. I scored 98/100. Most of my answers weren't listed as options.

      I have no real interest in other people's idealism. I only want to have the piece of mind upon my death bed that my progeny will be okay without me.

      In order to do that to my personal standards, I have to become a subsistence farmer in a poor county in Appalachia or somewhere very similar, find a nice girl, make some babies and raise them properly. And I have to do so in the next few years or it is too late.

      I cannot do that without the worry that someone will violate(theft, murder, kidnapping, torture,sexual assault) my family and I for merely existing as humans, now and after I am gone.

      Why? ...because the masses think they have a right to violate everyone if it's systematic and organized.

      So how to remedy this? Ask them nicely to stop violating? It doesn't work because they don't recognize they are violating because they have no clue what reality or rights and respect are. If you try to explain it to them, they defend their ego that is attached to the need to violate people. They come up with all sorts of nonsense and aggression.

      They only know what they've been brainwashed into. They refuse to be reasoned with. The answer is to just kill them all A.S.A.P. like any other violators of rights.

      But I currently don't have a means of killing almost everyone. I could leave the planet for a better place where I can mind my own business, but if it exists, it isn't available to me.

      You can't be a human and mind your own business on Earth without being violated. You cannot convince the violators to cease their violations. I can't kill them all or leave.

      The only other option is death.

      Aside from that, I have had to deal with a slew of stalkers harassing me over the last 20+ years. Not unlike statists, they are a threat to my welfare and well being, and encroachment of my pursuit of happiness. How is one supposed to provide security to a family while being subjected to such? And like the statists, they refuse to cease with the bullshit. The answer is to kill them too.

      Another thing is religion, specifically Christianity. If they ever figure it out, it will be bad. I will always have the worry of millions of religious nuts.

      I have a nice piece of land picked out and ready to buy. I have readily available means of building a small farm over the next few years. But under the circumstances, it makes no sense to even try.

      Find a way to kill 6 billion people in the next year or so, and I may consider possibly thinking about if I want to ponder whether or not life on this planet or the universe has any value whatsoever.

      So, unless I go find a nice peaceful place to blow my brains out as a means of escape, I have to kill a LOT of people as a prerequisite to pursuing happiness.

      Where is their lesson plan on how to commit genocide or suicide?

    2. I think you are giving other people too much power over you- too much power to determine how you feel about life. That's nothing more than my opinion- so take it for what it's worth.

      There will always be bullies trying to ruin (and run) your life, even in "Libertopia". Will you let them diminish your enjoyment? If so, why? It may be possible to isolate yourself from other people completely- even in "the real world, now"- without killing anyone (including yourself). If that's what it would take to make you happy, why not give it a shot? Think of it as a virtual suicide- the person you are will be no more, and a new person will begin. It's an option I keep open for myself all the time.

      I wish you contentment or happiness or something more positive than what you are going through.

    3. Either from a personal or general perspective, It boils down to genocide because people are selfish evil and/or stupid. From a personal perspective, suicide is included.

      It is time to kill almost everyone. The question is of how.