Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The government lamprey

Picture society- or even the individual human- as a fish.
"Government"- or, each and every individual with a government "job"- is a lamprey.

You, supporting the local cop/teacher/judge/"government" employee

The consequences of your support

A devastating parasite feeding on the productive people. In no way "necessary" for the well-being of the society or individual they feed off of.

"Government" is piggybacking on civilization. It is nothing but a useless feeder, which has somehow convinced its victims that it is the one feeding and supporting them.



  1. "Oh, Grow up."

    "Leave if you don't like it."

    "Don't you like roads?"

    "But it's the law."

    1. Most, but not all, of what the ruling class does is self-serving. If private parties built roads, provided security, etc, there would also be abuses. Human nature is selfish. Protecting yourself from human nature is a struggle.

      I don't like living in the U.S.A. I am staying to fight against those loyal to the law makers and law enforcers. You should think about leaving.

    2. I'm leaving alright.