Thursday, September 03, 2015

Cops vs security

If cops would act strictly as security, some of my objections to them would fade. I might choose to hire someone to investigate acts of aggression against my loved ones, or property violations against us, on my behalf.

I would still object to having to paying them by robbing my neighbors even if I did want to hire them for security. After all, theft is wrong even if it's for something I want.

But, it would still probably be better than what currently exists. I don't like being robbed to pay for my own violation. And this is what cops do. I don't want them kidnapping people for counterfeit "crimes". I don't want to pay them to spend time trying to catch me breaking their counterfeit rules. Modern policing does nothing beneficial, and lots of harmful things.

If I hired security and they treated people as cops do, I would fire them. And sue to get my money back. And encourage their victims to seek restitution. In fact, I would insist on such being part of any agreement I signed with them. You do not violate others or their property on my behalf, and if you do such things, I hope you suffer for it.

If you weren't forced to finance cops, would you?

I most certainly would not.


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