Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thinking- too much trouble?

It bothers me that people don't want to think.

Even if they come to conclusions opposite to mine, as long as they can explain why they reached that conclusion I can respect that they gave it thought.

But so many don't want to think, don't want to show their mental work, and then want to claim their opinions are just as valid as anyone else's "opinions" (which are often not actually opinions).

Why do people not like to think?



  1. Opinions (beliefs) occlude thought. I'm guilty of that as often as anyone. The hardest thing in the world is to examine your own beliefs.


  2. To avoid punishment. Ask a teacher a question they can't answer, you are ridiculed. Ask your minister / priest about some inconsistencies in doctrine, you are punished. Stray from the norm at work, even if it delivers greater success, you are demoted. Ask "How is law X constitutional?" and you put yourself at great risk.

    Innovators are generally despised by those in power, and innovation takes thought. Create a new process that lowers the cost of oil, transportation or retail sales and you will be vilified as an exploiter or robber baron.

    If you want to lead a quiet, conventional life then you must give up thinking. Failing that, you must change your definition of success to accept some punishment as proof of your ability to think.

    Thinking does not caused me to disagree with everyone about everything, it just means that I can provide evidence for my beliefs.