Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Immigrants go where welcome

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 23, 2015- inspired by a blog post from over a year ago.)

Does it not seem completely bizarre to you that people who seek to live somewhere without first getting permission from a gang of bullies — permission that is getting more difficult to obtain — would be an issue around which people would base their choice for new supreme slavemaster?
I mean president.

“Conservatives” yapping about “illegal immigrants” sound as ridiculous as “liberals” droning on about “reasonable” anti-gun laws.

"Conservatives" say they oppose the migrants because they are being brought in to become "new Democrat voters". Well, who do you think they'd vote for? The people who are "welcoming" them with hatred, calling them "illegals", claiming they are rapists and murderers, and waving the Federal flag in their faces? Or people who actually want to let them live where they choose and aren't treating them like pariahs? Even if the latter is only a political tactic.

Sure, it would be better if the new migrants, and the rest of us, refused to play the political game at all. It would also be better if there were no welfare for anyone to become dependent upon, and no "offices" into which one could elect parasites and bullies. But until people wise up and change this archaic and destructive system, you get what you get.

Consider who immigrants are inevitably going to identify with after being exposed to both reactions. It's not going to be the "conservatives" of the Republican Party.

If you want new immigrants to become more like you, treat them with respect. If you don't want them to slip into the arms of your ideological enemies, stop driving them there. Give them a chance. Encourage them to be independent and self-reliant. Lead by example, with kindness. Be accepting of them even while you show them why certain ideologies are harmful to them and their loved ones. Explain which behaviors you will defend yourself from, and recognize they have all the exact same rights you do.

Marginalizing them is guaranteeing an outcome you claim to fear. It's a self-fulfilling prediction. And unless you are deeply in denial, you have to see how much of the responsibility is yours. Immigration control has been a "progressive", government extremist notion from the beginning.

Republicans are using migrants as a common enemy to unite their voting constituency. Democrats are also using them, of course, but I suppose if everyone were trying to use me to promote their agenda, I'd still prefer those who use me in a way which doesn't portray me as subhuman.



  1. We're being played for fools by both sides. Repubs (read Chamber of Commerce donors) want cheap labor. Dems want cheap votes.

    Real conservatives or libertarians would not care if the 'invaders' came without benefits and forced us to accept the culture of the failed countries their leaving whilst failing to eventually assimilate to ours.

    The Left is always crying about the 1 percent. How come the Mexican 1 percent gets a free pass? Why does the US 1 percent (read middle class) get stuck with the bill? Why aren't the Sauds, Emirates, and Qataris, rich with oil money, taking in their sunni brothers? What do they know that we don't?

    So you want to welcome an invader to your house, while he bemoans the food (snap/EBT steaks from walmart), the obozo phone you provide, the free schooling for his kids, the free ER medical care after a drive-by, and the income-earned tax credits for his 'family' of 5th cousins?

    You first.

    1. Not into my house. I understand where my property lines begin. I don't own or control your property, nor do you own or control mine. Borderism is communism.

    2. Oh, and it isn't "both sides"- they are all on the same side. They are statists.

  2. You are correct sir. The fact that the 'statists' (read marxists) are both 'welcoming the immigrants' should tell ya something.

    Maybe you can do your part in 'welcoming' when the next batch of 'tattooed' lads arrives at the FLETC in Artesia. Might wanna wear a HEPA mask though as the last bunch that left last year were sportin' Chicken Pox and TB according to the nurse contractors I talked to that helped out.

    Curious, have a friend with an 800 acre spread just east of El Paso. He and wife take turns each night manning the shotgun as anywhere from 100 to 300 'migrants' cross their land leaving trash, syringes, diapers, foil wrapping from RPG ammo boxes, etc. He's been shot at, they've tried to poison his dogs, shoot his horses.... Is he a communist for enforcing his 'property line', which happens to be the Rio Grande?

    1. No. He isn't a communist for defending his property, no matter where his property line lies.

      However, if he demands that money be stolen from others to pay a gang of government employees to defend his property- and control the property of everyone else regardless of the property owner's wishes, then he is a communist. If he believes "the government" has the "authority" to control all property inside its "borders" in defiance of the property owners, then he doesn't actually believe in private property... so what is he defending? That is what would make him a communist.

      Look, trespassing is wrong. You have every right to defend YOUR property from a trespasser. You have zero right to make up "laws" saying what other people can do with their property or who they are allowed to let onto their property. Statists can't seem to see their own contradictions.

      And, even if you aren't a believer in Rightful Liberty, even the Constitution doesn't allow for the designation of "illegal immigrant". You'd have to pass an amendment.

    2. Agreed.

      You appear to be a big fan of property rights. Me too.

      So I don't want to give up my property (forced income taxes) to pay 8K for an ER visit so the invader gets it free. No raise in my property taxes to pay for increased load on public services for invaders.

      Notice I don't buy into the term 'illegal immigrant' per the Constitution, which does mention redress for the 'common defense' against those who would be 'invaders.'

    3. I don't believe theft ("taxation") is somehow "better" if it is used for other purposes. Theft is theft. End borderism, end "taxation", end welfare, end anti-gun and anti-self defense "laws", and stop violating people's rights, no matter where they were born or which State claims them. And don't use the existence of one to justify the existence of another. End both.

      I don't even buy into the term "immigrant" at all- and no human can be "illegal".