Sunday, October 25, 2015

See a good idea? Grab it.

All good ideas are essentially libertarian in nature. Yes, really.

Anyone can have good ideas you should adopt. I get good ideas from people who oppose everything I stand for all the time, because most people are libertarian in their personal lives- otherwise they would be dead. This means they already have libertarian ideas bouncing around inside their skulls. Sometimes those ideas will become public. When they do, grab them.

Any idea which advocates initiation of force or theft is not a good idea. The advocate may believe it's "necessary", or "pragmatic", or some other dishonest justification, but it still isn't a good idea. And it's an anti-libertarian idea.

So, even if the most despicable statist you have ever heard of comes up with a good idea, accept it. If it's good, it's libertarian.



  1. Got one.

    Appears to solve our disagreement on 'borderism.'

    1. What are you suggesting? That migrants be sent (by whom?) to China or Saudi Arabia to live in these abandoned/vacant quarters? Why not just house them in all the vacant/abandoned houses here? In this town there are so many empty houses you could easily house a couple hundred (and the population here is officially only around 1,400). But, doing so would violate the property rights of the owners- not that that's different than what government always does anyway.

      As I said in one of the links I posted in the other comments- if respecting property rights utterly prevents migrants from moving here, I am perfectly fine with that. Anyone trespassing on private land to cross "the border" is a trespasser and I support the owners' shooting them. If they can get here without violating person or property, but can't find someone to sell or rent living quarters to them, then just like anyone else, they are out of luck. Either a person has a right to be where they are, or they are trespassing. And I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is The State saying its "property interests" invalidate mine. Be it through "codes", "borders", or anything else.

      I guess this shows why liberty isn't a buffet where you choose the parts you like and reject the parts you don't.

      If a government steals money ('taxes") to pay for anything, it is anti-liberty. If a government has policies or programs which violate individual rights (there are no other kind), it is anti-liberty. And it still doesn't legitimize the anti-liberty belief that a government's ideas about its "borders" means my property lines (and ownership) don't count.

      If a government works to make a place unlivable (thus creating refugees), to then complain about those refugees is hypocritical. I said something about that a while back: The "immigration" disconnect