Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Statism's AGCC denomination

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Why are the Anthropogenic Global Climate Change faithful so desperate to silence skeptics?

Bill Nye is very good at poking holes in religions that are not his own, but is absolutely blind to the holes in his own religion. I'm sure that's just a human trait.

Even if climate change is happening (it probably is since it always has been), and even if it is harmful (no one- not even scientists- can know if it would cause net harm or be a net positive), and even if it is due to human activities (it would be strange if it weren't at least partially due to humans), that is no justification for what the Climate Cult wants to do to you and me.

Cults freak out when anyone doesn't buy their story. They try to sue, silence, or murder their critics. Logic and reason fly out the window. All that matters is that your words are dangerous and can't be permitted.

Also, if, as the title of Bill's book says, this is Unstoppable, being shrill and controlling about it isn't going to accomplish anything. Instead of trying to force people to shut up if they don't agree with you, do science- invent something that works so well and either doesn't contribute to the problem or actively reverses any damage- that people don't have to be threatened to adopt it.

Bill Nye may believe himself to be a rational atheist, but like so many others, he's just a closed-minded priest in the world's most popular religion: statism. And it should be embarrassing to him.



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