Tuesday, March 01, 2016

No One great choice for president

(My Clovis News Journal column for January 29, 2016)

Donald Trump: Making elections funny again.

I'm not usually interested in watching elections or the hysterics leading up to them. I see sincere but silly people trying to convince me that the bowl of sewage they dipped from the cesspool is more delicious, or at least less toxic, than the bowl of sewage some other people dipped from the same cesspool. I'm not interested in sampling either bowl.

I have never needed a president. I can't point to a single instance where a president improved my life in any way. The same goes for any political office.

I am told I need to help choose the person to fill these offices, since someone will be elected whether or not I participate. Sorry, but I'd rather keep my hands clean.

So, no, I don't want Trump to be president any more than I want any of the other covetous control freaks to be president.

I am, however, enjoying watching his campaign out of the corner of my eye.

It started back in the middle of August when Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams predicted Trump would win the election. My interest grew in October when Adams predicted a Trump landslide.

He bases this on Trump's skill at persuasion- what you could think of as hypnosis without the trance and clucking. Adams is also trained in hypnosis and says he has never seen anyone use persuasion as skillfully as Trump. The simplistic language; the appeal to identity; the rejection of reason; the way he offers a blank canvas with his words and lets the listener paint the picture he wants to see, believing this is what Trump said.

Several times Adams has predicted how Trump could neuter a particular opponent-- using what he refers to as "linguistic kill shots"-- only to have his prediction come to pass within a week or so. It is fascinating.

So, even though I have no need for a president and pity those who believe they do, I hope Trump wins if somebody has to, simply because I'd like to believe it possible for someone to look beneath the surface and see how voters are tricked into voting for someone.

Of course, my only choice for president is No One. No One would be a great president. No One is honest enough to trust with that power. No One can run your life better than you. No One deserves your vote. Vote for No One.



  1. I had planned on asking you your opinion about the election cycle we're in. And while I know you don't vote, I thought you might have grudging respect for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    As you know, there are centralized political establishments in D.C. which are opposed to individual liberty, self-sufficiency, and local autonomy. These establishments entirely control the Democrat Party and partially control the Republican Party. The rise of Trump and Cruz, as well as that of Bernie Sanders, is a sign of the public waking up to that fact and saying "enough!" Jeb Bush will not only lose the nomination, but not even come close in spite of being The Establishment's #1 choice. Hillary Clinton is struggling against an obscure Socialist. Don't you think it's a good sign that the Establishment's choices are doing so badly?

    1. I think it's an interesting sign- not sure if it's good or not. As long as people keep searching for a politician to "save" them, I think they'll keep having monsters offering to do the job.

      There's something about Ted Cruz that really rubs me the wrong way- and has since the first time I noticed him running for congress or whatever office he first got elected to. Not sure what it is, because I really don't pay much attention to any politicians. I don't even pay attention to what others say about them- other than, as I say, the Scott Adams observations on Trump.