Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scumbag Texas

A couple of years ago, the bullies who call themselves "The State of Texas" decided to make up a new evil rule: they decided to forbid driving in the left lane of divided highways, except for passing. They have erected new signage, paid for with stolen money: "Left lane for passing only".

It may have something to do with keeping that lane open for their hired goons to travel faster. Or to keep it open so you can move over when one of the delicate little cowards is engaged in robbing a traveler on the right shoulder and doesn't want to become roadkill in the process. (Poor little parasites!)

Well, so then what did these government idiots do? They tore up the right lane's surface so badly you can't drive any distance on it without fighting to stay in control while risking a blowout. Only the right lane, of course. For miles.

The trap is set

I took a couple of little trips recently- of only about 40 miles round trip- but almost the entire trip was on this destroyed surface. I noticed that just about everyone on the road ignored the dumb rule- which is heartening. The entire line of traffic was ALL in the left lane for almost the entire stretch.

I'm sure if one of the armed bullies had seen us, he would have stopped, robbed, and molested someone, but he couldn't have gotten us all.

I have wondered if this is just a money-making scheme. The highway has been torn up like this for months- in preparation for "resurfacing", I'm sure. But there are no signs saying anything, and no equipment at the ready. How much money are they stealing above and beyond their normal take due to the condition of the road? Is this why they are in no hurry, and haven't suspended the dumb rule for the duration?



  1. Well, here's a thought. Remember the 'sign';
    which states, 'Left Lane For Passing Only'.

    Well, those that may be in the left lane as a
    result of the right lane being in a state of
    being in a condition 'unfit' to drive upon are
    in complete compliance.

    It all comes down to interpretation; which, by
    the way, the 'gov' thugs are very good at twisting
    to their liking.

    So, to the point at hand - anyone that has to be in
    the left lane due to a right lane that is not in the
    least suitable for driving on is in complete compiance
    with what that sign says - because, you were in the left
    lane for passing by a right lane that could very well
    endanger the lives of any that would attempt to drive
    their vehicles within it as well as endangering any
    that could be indirectly endangered as a result of
    a vehicle loosing control because of the dangerous
    condition of the right lane for that 40 mile stretch.

    So, there you have it - use it in court as a very
    valid defence - and, I don't think it's a stretch
    to do so.

    To liberty

    1. Sounds good to me. Would a pinhead behind a badge buy it? Because being stopped by those bullies is where the real danger lies.

    2. Agree with you that there would be a potential for danger
      if the above defence were to be used during any interaction
      involving bullies.

      Therefore, the suggestion posited would best be preserved
      for presentation in court - in front of a jury, if it were
      to come to that - this way, you can help to bring attention
      to the silliness going on.

  2. Aside from all of the other things I can complain about Texas, Texans hire people to wear funny clothes and pull people over to publicly sexually molest them in order to search for marijuana, by writ of 'law'.

    Such an 'acceptable' social norm shows Texas is an evil worthless shit hole.

    Nuke it.

    Oh, wait a minute, ...there are countless other such bizarre standards about everywhere else too. Hmmm...

    Nuke it all? Exterminate humans? We are rather evil to have created a 'civilization' as we have.

    1. Since I am usually either in Texas, or just over the line in New Mexico (close enough to suffer from a nuking of Texas), I'd appreciate not being nuked. Texas statists are evil (as are all statists to some degree)- the land and some of the people aren't guilty.

      I believe civilization can arise from the uncivilized state of statism. Maybe I'm wrong. But exterminating humans isn't a good solution.

    2. Kent- Obviously Gomer the Destroyer is not a very deep thinker. He/it is the kind of creature best ignored.

  3. "but he couldn't have gotten us all"

    Yeah, actually they could. They have radios and helicopters and computers linked to the DMV.

  4. I know of two roads down here in Brazoria County that were totally f*cked up like this...and because they each have only one lane in each direction, they're almost impossible to traverse if you're on a motorcycle, sending people far away from an otherwise beautiful ride between popular biker destinations. Thankfully, FM523 between Angleton and Freeport is now repaved, but the stretch of 1462 between Alvin and SH288 is still fubar.