Monday, April 04, 2016

Believing as a child would

I was brought up to believe that obeying the law was good, and right, and easy.

Imagine my shock when I first realized that sometimes obeying the law didn't make you a good person.

The shock was compounded when I realized that obeying the law was sometimes wrong.

Later I discovered that not only is it not easy to obey the law, sometimes it is downright impossible, what with laws that conflict and contradict each other.

This caused cognitive and ethical troubles for a little while.

But before long I realized that being "law abiding" is NOT a positive thing. In fact, it's an admission of guilt. It's proclaiming that you have no ethical foundation, but believe that the "law" is good, right, and easy. Just like a small, simple child might.

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1 comment:

  1. A small child seems more likely to see through the bullshit because they have a simplified perception and a untainted mind.

    An adult will rationalize they are guilty of a victimless crime because they have been taught that law is right and violating rights are for their own good.

    A small child sees a man in funny clothes harassing people for doing nothing. They call it like they see it.