Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Not to worry. I have a permit."

Ever find yourself in a situation where some bully is demanding to see a "permit" because you are doing something you have a right to do, but which some "authority" has decided to control?

Well, worry no more. You now have a permit:

Print them out and distribute them to all your friends and family
PDF here (Thanks to the Granarchist!)

Yes, Ron Swanson's permit is simpler, but as you know, some people want to do things they have no right to do. This avoids that issue.

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  1. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe the state has the obligation to require permits and fees from people using their lands and resources.
    Yes, the very idea of a state is anathema to liberty, but the reality is one exists and is charged to maintain certain resources (like muh roads) and this maintenance, which also includes insurance, has a cost.

    1. Government owns nothing. Everything government claims was either stolen from the rightful owner or bought with stolen or counterfeited money. A thief doesn't own what it possesses.

      If I can opt out of paying for government "services" that I'd rather not pay for, then I won't object. I am forced to pay road "taxes" when I buy fuel, and I'm not allowed to opt out.

      If a private owner allowed highwaymen to infest his roads and rob travelers, I would shun his services. If poor maintenance allowed my vehicle to be damaged, or me to be injured, I should be able to recover damages from the road owner.

      When I am forced to pay for something, I expect accountability.

      Our descendants will be amazed we settled for "government" roads.