Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scum shirt

In case you still believe I'm crazy when I state that cops are scum, just look at this shirt:

It is a cop shirt. It is said to be a very popular design.

I suppose police state enthusiasts may believe it is funny. They apparently believe everyone violated by cops "deserves it".

I see no humor in it. In fact, to me it is about as funny as a shirt showing a Nazi concentration camp with the words "May I interest you in a shower?" emblazoned on the image.

It is certainly NOT the shirt of a good guy, but that of a cowardly bully with delusions of "authority".

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  1. The job of "law enforcement" (as opposed to that of the elected position of peace officer) attracts those with a certain mentality and view of others.

    The magic costume of authority - then re-enforces the pugnacious and praetorian attitude that exists among both those police and certain military types (who often go on to a career in LE) who gravitate towards these positions of authority and see themselves as above the law and 'superior' to the "civilians" they supposedly "protect" and "serve" - but of course they are in no way obligated to do so -

    The general populace are seen as nothing more than lower serfs and a means for the costumed licensed thugs, pirates and mercenaries to extort revenue and freebies (private property) via means such as "civil asset forfeiture", "highway interdiction" and in your face, 'what are you going to do about it?' old fashioned theft or "confiscation"

    When these roided up thugs 'hut hut hut' / 'no knock' / smash their way into the wrong residence, throwing around flashbangs, gas grenades and discharging small arms they are seldom held accountable for their actions even when injury or death of innocents occurs - and should it go to court, monies stolen from the populace at gun point (through taxation) is paid out in the rare cases where the thugs are brought to account.

    With the way things are going, and the increasing contempt law enforcement holds towards the civilian population forced to pay for their 'services' - when it goes down, there will be no tears shed when these statist mercenaries face the inevitable.

    1. No tears at all!
      I have seen what "law enforcement training" does to their minds. It is scary and won't end well.