Monday, May 09, 2016

Statist Language Games

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Control the language and you control thought. Sometimes to the point that thoughts outside of the box aren't even possible. How can you think something when there are no words to express it? Or if the words have been redefined to the point they are meaningless?

Nowhere is this reality as obvious as in the use of "legal definitions".

Legal definitions are written by statists. Statists who believe in the State and in "laws" that create the State and prop it up. "Laws" which create "authority" and privileges and obligations... which have no foundation in reality.

Maybe in some cases they were halfway decent statists who wanted to promote liberty, but the very notion of a legal definition is statist.

When people focus on legal definitions they are being brainwashed into statism.

People who "study law" seem to get sucked into the superstition worse than people who don't. They begin to believe human-written "law" is legitimate. And "important". And somehow "truth".

At least I sure see a lot of evidence of that.

**Magical words will fix everything, if you just say them the right way.**

**Look at the words on this paper; they don't say what you believe they say, and if you know what they *really* mean, you can show this to the Rulers and they'll leave you alone.**

Stuff like that.

It's where you get the self-contradictory idea of the "sovereign citizen".

And those who fall for this the hardest get really angry at people who don't buy into their superstitions. I just had one (who was also posting links where he blamed everything on Jews, and demonstrated he doesn't have a clue what "libertarian" means) call me an idiot on Facebook. I count that as an endorsement.

But he seems to really believe that if a definition is the "legal definition", it means something more than what the word means, and it can be used to advance his agenda- whatever that may be.

Well, good luck playing a game that was rigged so that you can never really win. As for me, no thanks.

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