Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Frustration with anti-gun bigots

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It is so frustrating that people tolerate anti-gun "laws", and that they don't treat people who ban guns from private property like people claiming the right to rape-- as long as they "only" rape in their own home.

I realize my views on this are extreme- even for a libertarian.

I am not saying a private property owner doesn't have the right to ban guns as a condition of entering his property, I am saying he is a foolish bad guy for doing so. He is making his guests much less safe, while lying and claiming he is only doing it for their safety. Good people wouldn't do that.

Such people should be shunned, ridiculed, and viewed as what they are.

If someone doesn't trust you with a gun, they don't trust you, period. If they don't trust you, why would you trust them? If you don't trust them, why would you do business with them, or associate with them in any way?

I know many people have a soft spot for those who fear guns and want to stay away from them. I have yet to determine if this soft spot is in the heart or between the ears. I lean more toward the latter.

Anti-gun "laws" should be absolutely intolerable to anyone who values liberty. And anti-gun property owners should be avoided and despised- on their own property or off.

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