Sunday, July 03, 2016

Sheltering their ignorance

Statists are much like obstinate children. They don't want to be told anything. Particularly anything which threatens what they believe (or wish to believe).

They'll repeat something clearly untrue or nonsense, but don't want to listen or hear the truth that exposes what they just said to be untrue.  No matter how obvious the truth is.

Sure, you could probably explain reality to them so clearly even they would understand- reality really isn't that hard to explain or understand- but they won't listen. They can't. It would scare them too badly to have their worldview shattered like that.

The only way statists can remain statists is by refusing to learn.

Statism is a sad condition.

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  1. "The only way statists can remain statists is by refusing to learn."

    I think you'll find that most statists read little or not at all. They don't have the attention span. Most probably have not read a book since high school, if even then. They prefer sound bites from TV and word bites from social media- easy to digest and no thinking or contemplation required.

    1. I don't want to agree with you. I keep trying to think of exceptions. But, even if I do think of some, I came to the realization that they ARE "exceptions", so I am forced to agree with you anyway.

  2. I was in a back-and-forth with a statist, who was trying to show how closed minded and ideological I was being.

    So he asked, "What would convince you that taxation isn't theft?"

    I replied, "It would have to not be taken under threat of force against people's will. But since that is what taxation _is_, then taxation is theft."

    He was aghast! "See? You can't be convinced. You are so blinded by your ideology!"

    1. When your ideology aligns with reality you'd best stay with it.

    2. Bob- You should tell them your "ideology" is Socratic logic (your method of argument), not cognitive dissonance.