Monday, July 25, 2016

Starving while sitting at a buffet

If you saw people starving to death while surrounded by good food, would you sit by silently and watch them suffer?

What if they kept complaining about the food, saying it isn't what they want?

Personally, I would tell them the food is what they need to be eating. I would eat some to show them it isn't poisoned. And I would offer to serve them some. Then it's up to them. I wouldn't force feed them.

Well, people are dying of statism all around you right now. The solution is all around them- in order to avoid it, they have to actively reject it. They don't want liberty- it scares them in one way or another. It isn't what they want.

But I still tell them liberty is what they need for their condition. I live in liberty as much as is possible under the circumstances (even when "illegal" as much as I can without being murdered by cops). And, I offer to help serve them some liberty, just to get started. That's what my blog and newspaper column are all about.

But I wouldn't "force them to be free", even if such a ridiculous thing were possible.

What do you do?

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  1. "What do you do?"

    My problem with statism is that it claims jurisdiction over me. If their gang minded it's own business and only applied itself to willing voting members, I would only look at the slaves running around and pity them.

    As it is, the slaves refuse to acknowledge they are a criminal organization violating me. Thus it cannot be corrected by reason. My right to defense applies.

    Although it is only in the conceptual stage, I am actively seeking a means of killing 99.999% of human inhabitants of Earth.

    Being a human, I really need to do what humans do. One of those things is to create and raise children. As a matter of prudence and ethics, I cannot justify putting children into a world of enslavement.

    I intend to kill everyone so that Earth will be a suitable nesting place, where my children are at liberty to be humans, and not a subject of paper and guns government-god bizarro world.

    How do you kill billions of statists without killing everyone else?

    You don't. You kill everyone, let god sort them.

    1. The whole world is laughing at you, Gomer.

    2. Get a "job" at the Pentagon if you want to kill the species off. Death- it's what statists do.

      And I wish the whole world were reading my blog (and the percentage of subscribers remained the same)!