Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Citizen defines "citizen" as someone who "owes allegiance to its [sic] government and is entitled to its protection". 

It sounds more like a description of slavery. Let's check that out: 
"Slave"- someone who "owes allegiance to its master and is entitled to his protection". 
That sure sounds like what they are describing. 

The reality is "citizen" is just a fancy word for "slave".

"Owe allegiance"? You owe government-- and obviously when they use the word "government" they mean State-- nothing but contempt, regardless of which government you refer to.

The only thing you can be "entitled" to from any government is to be left alone. To not be violated in life, liberty, or property. It's the same thing everyone owes you. 

Government can't protect anyone, "citizen"/slave or not.


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