Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The cure

V*ting is a symptom.

If you v*te you are showing you believe in the "system". Because you do.

When you stop believing in it, you'll stop going out of your way to prop it up. It's an entirely different mindset.

You will no longer really care what opinions the politicians turn into "laws"- you'll see politicians for what they are: bullies with some power.

Most of their power doesn't actually come from their guns, it comes from those who still believe in them. When enough people stop believing in them enough that they stop v*ting (for or against, it doesn't matter), nothing they can do will be enough to keep control.

I no longer believe in them. Not in the way they would want. I know bullies are out there, willing to murder me if I ignore their opinions, but they can't have any sort of legitimacy. Because they just don't. They are nothing but bullies with armed drones. Nothing more than a disease in need of a cure.

You can't cure everyone simultaneously, but you can absolutely cure yourself. Today. And, when you are cured, you won't show the symptoms anymore.

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  1. participation is not "belief".

    i take a dump. it's a biological process.
    i vote. it's a social process.

    i don't believe in the dump, any more than i believe in the vote. it's just a process. the dump is a necessary process. the vote is a voluntary process. the outcomes of both seem about as likely to change anything that matters.

    i also play guitar sometimes. that participation is not a belief in anything. it's just something to do. it also will not change anything that matters. yet i do these things.

    1. If you don't participate in your biological processes, you will die. Or at least suffer greatly. You will soon be unable to function as the biological drive overwhelms your senses, demanding to be met. The outcome of participating in the biological processes is survival.

      Do you believe v*ting is similar?

      You don't believe it's worthwhile to play your guitar?
      It doesn't enrich your life in any way? or make you feel good or help you relax? Then why do it? If there's no value in it, stop doing it and find something better to do with your time. And, if v*ting does the same for you, then v*te.

      But, I still think that if you get that kind of validation from v*ting, it shows a belief in the underlying system, because otherwise, why would it feel worthwhile?

    2. could be.

      even when voting is being offered choice between eating a sh*t sandwich and being ground into the sandwich. and there is a 1-in-a million percent chance that i get to eat the sh*t being offered, rather than becoming the compost regardless of how the voting goes.

      i guess.

      maybe a tiny margin of hope.
      and hope is no plan.
      but that 1-in-a million is all i got, at this point.
      and 1-in-a million is greater than zero.

      and we all understand that voting is how we got here.
      but on the off chance it matters from time to time, why not? 1-in-a million percent possible deflection in the trajectory... and what does it cost me? either way that trajectory continues to plummet.