Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Government is wrong

Government, and support of government, is parasitic. It is wrong. Just so wrong.

The political means is the method of the parasite. Where one lives at the expense of others. Where there is a winner and a loser. The political means is what rapists and muggers and cops and burglars and DMV employees employ. It is wrong. Even if you can't imagine life or civilization without it, it is wrong.

Its opposite- the economic means- is the method of the decent person; the non-parasite. Where both parties win. Where interaction is by mutual consent. Where there is no punishment for choosing to not interact.

You can see the evil inherent in the political means more clearly by using the economic means as a mirror. Doing so, honestly, you can't fail to see that government- The State- and all associated with it are in the wrong.

Is this judgmental of me?


I am judgmental toward people who commit acts of pure evil and destroy the lives of others; who act as parasites so that they can win while others lose.
The question is, why would anyone not be?

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  1. Liberty is judgmental: choosing what YOU want, and what you do not want.

    Price discovery in a free market place involves everyone acting in their own best interests, judging value in each interaction.

    When someone else (gov't) distorts the market, rewards waste fraud and abuse, corrupts value, sets prices, limits what they determine that you may or may not be allowed to have or to do- Well, that's slavery and you are on their supposed fiefdom; where they set prices and dictate THEIR judgements onto their supposed slaves.

    1. It's just astounding to me that people will say "you're judgmental" and believe it invalidates your opinion.

    2. Preaching to the choir won't fix it, nor will preaching to anyone else. If you want to live in a free world, it is necessary to kill a LOT of people, who, for whatever reasons I couldn't care less about, eagerly and adamantly demand serfdom upon all.

      Go to a voting facility anywhere on Earth and stand on a soapbox while you enlighten voters to their evil as they ignore you on their way in, and/or someone violates you.

      Or kill almost everyone and do as thou will.

      Unless you have a spaceship and a better place to go, or a time travel device to go back to before there was statism.

      I'm thinkin' bio-weapons and pandemics. Fuk humans.

    3. It sure must be miserable to be you. Are you that large a failure?

    4. Look at what a piece of shit species we are. Look at all the evil and violence in the world as a result of deliberate human action. Look around you at the open air prison. Look at how many selfish brainwashed idiots demand more of it. Note how they reject anything else.

      They organize to enslave while libertarians try to convince them otherwise while they continue to demand more serfdom. It's not working. Your children are born slaves, as will your grandchildren.

      One of the most reasonable and efficient solutions is to kill almost everyone. Rather than rationalize as to what is palatable, I think in terms of being goal oriented.

      You want freedom? ..get rid of the statists. Since they won't go quietly, kill them all.

      But let's throw insults and make no point.