Monday, November 07, 2016

Evil "energy vampires"

Presidential candidates and sitting politicians are a perfect analog for those "energy beings" from the classic Star Trek series- you know the ones.

The ones who feed- vampire-like- off of negative emotions and aggressive energy.

The only way to make those entities go away, or starve to death, is to stop feeding them. Stop giving them what they need to survive. Notice what they are, and how they are using you, and refuse to be used one more day.

I can't make you, of course.

But, it sure would be a nicer world if you'd laugh at them and make them scuttle away and leave everyone alone.

They are NOT legitimate. They don't deserve your respect. They are not "leaders", but seek to be rulers. They are parasites and vermin. Treat them as such. They have earned it.

(See also this video)


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  1. Bill Clinton looks as though Hillary has been slowly draining him of his life force over the years (probably as punishment for embarrassing her with Monica Lewinsky.)

    1. I'm predicting both Killary and Slick will be dead of disease (or at least completely incapacitated) by the end of 2017.