Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Crazed Consumer Day

I have nothing against buying things, and getting a good deal when you do. But, to make up a pseudo-holiday strictly for that purpose seems a bit manipulative.

And that name- "Black Friday"! Always sounds like doom. Who would want to be a part of that?

I have never participated. Partly because I don't wish to be trampled and mauled. Partly because I've never had enough money to spend to make it worth the effort.

However you spend today, I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Black Friday is like finding a fly in your soup.

    It is a holiday for a tainted market where the money earned is taxed and taxed again, along with every purchase also taxed, as well as all the added taxes for merchants and manufacturers that inflates pricing.

    As you hear finance reports of today's spending/earning, etc, ...consider half of it went to government. Also consider what the money could be better used for.

  2. I never go near the stores on Black Friday. I have to work this year for a change, but fortunately I work from home so it's not really a big deal. :)

  3. My Black Friday was great. Got out to do the shopping bright and early. No, it wasn't for Christmas presents. It was my usual weekly grocery shopping. The store was kind of crowded. There are usually only two or three people there at that time of the morning, but there were about seven this time. Black Friday mob, don't ya know. Went home and put the groceries away, read the paper, took a short nap, grilled some burgers and then searched online for a new shotgun to get myself for Christmas. Yeah, it was a good Black Friday...........................