Saturday, November 05, 2016

Let people be wrong

If you believe in liberty, I believe that must include giving other people the freedom to be wrong. To do the wrong things. To do things they have no right to do sometimes. Things that embarrass you.

I think that includes not demanding that they not v*te, not hold a government job, stay off welfare, or whatever.

Even if they are family members.

Liberty is never controlling.

Tell them where you stand, why you think they are wrong to do what they are doing. Then step aside.

Yes, you have the right to defend yourself, but you are not always required to do so. Weigh each situation. Are they directly archating?

You are also not required to let someone violate you. Again, weight the situation. Maybe you simply need to get away from certain people. Or to put your foot down if they want to make you go along with them. To say "you may not violate me" isn't controlling anyone- although I have heard people make that claim with a straight face.

Letting people be wrong is probably one of the hardest things I ever do. And one of the most essential, when dealing with statists.

Let people be wrong. Don't hide the consequences from them- let them see the connection between their poor choices and the results. Maybe, if they mention it later, suggest a better way. You don't know who it may get through to.


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  1. Live and let live. Kill everything that doesn't mind their own business.

    1. Which you never do, Gomer, so it's time to end the creepy, tough guy act.

    2. You don't know me. You don't know what I do or do not do.

      I mind my own business unless provoked. If I mind someone's business, it is because they made it my business.

      There is no creepy tough guy act. I simply offer a solution that you reject. So lick boots for all I care. It's not my world.

    3. Since YOU are the one not killing anyone, since YOU are the one not engaging anyone in peaceful persuasion, since YOU are all alone in your sick, depraved “Kill humans, god and the universe” existence….It is YOU who are licking boots- and your OWN boots at that!
      And floggin’ your dolphin, no doubt.

      The whole universe is laughing at YOU, Gomer.
      Your FBI handlers aren’t getting their money’s worth. Put out your putrid, stinking bait all you want- we ain’t bitin’!

    4. You're rationalizing for sake of your ego and all the idealism you have attached to it.

      We, as anarchists/libertarians, value rights and responsibility, and know there is a better, more harmonious, peaceful and efficient means of social organization simply through understanding and practicing all principle functions of the aforementioned values system.

      Those values are a part of who we are and how we try to live. It is therefore firmly attached to our self image, ego and esteem, etc. So when I start pressing buttons that cause you to question it, it causes friction, is perceived as a potential threat to everything you stand for.

      That is why you are pissed off at me and slinging senseless insults. Killing whole populations is anything but Z.A.P.

      Put your ego aside and try to look at it with strict logic from a strategic perspective. It is an act of defense after diplomacy and reason has failed.

      You live in an open air statist prison called Earth. It s a cage that is continually reinforced and needs broken before it is too late and your progeny are completely enslaved FOREVER.

      At the core of that prison are several billion humans who demand it upon all, refuse to mind their own business, and/or reject reasonable diplomacy.

      The next step is forceful defensive action. Kill them all. They leave free men no other choice.

      A - Lick boots and teach your children the same
      B - Break or kill everything statist and rebuild correctly

      Pick one. ...or be in denial and sit here calling me names and such, or whatever it is you do, while your children are forced to learn to be good little serfs.

  2. Yes, let them be wrong, but also laugh at them while showing how comically wrong they are. At the very least, it will shut them up.
    I just had an exchange on Linkedin with an individual who called me a “terrorist” because of my views, while slandering and insulting me. She was dead serious. I just laughed at her and articulated how ridiculous her claim was. It so unnerved and upset her that she closed her Linkedin account! And I did not use a single insult or word of anger.

    1. It doesn't prevent them from being as wrong as they want to point and laugh. Ridicule is one of the consequences they earn. It doesn't interfere with their rights in any way.

    2. ...and she is still going to vote for a system to enslave you and your children. But keep on thinkin' winning an argument is enough.