Sunday, December 18, 2016

Silly State-loving

States-- even in the context of states such as Texas or Colorado-- are an archaic relic. They don't reflect reality. They aren't a consequence of a shared culture. They are a gerrymandered geography established to let bullies divide the spoils. They are nothing more than another level of tax farm.

When I leave the house, I cross a "state line" probably half of the times I go anywhere besides my parents' house or the annoying post office.

The only thing that state line denotes is that a different gang is now going to be the one threatening my life, liberty, and property with its "laws"-- which vary from the "laws" on the other side of that imaginary line. Some of the "laws" on one side of the line are less nasty than the "laws" on the other side. Some of the amounts of theft differ. But, really, the "line" has no significance other than to the gangs of bullies on either side.

It's funny how enthusiastic some people get over those tax farms and their gangs.


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  1. tax farms and their gangs of enforcers

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