Sunday, January 29, 2017

Demanding equal oxygen

I'm all for women's oxygen. Men have oxygen- why shouldn't women have it, too?

Of course, I suppose you could point out that the same oxygen surrounds us all, and if anyone deprives any other person of oxygen-- man, woman, child, "non-citizen", believers in bizarre and violent superstitions, whatever-- then the person withholding the oxygen is violating them.

Oxygen belongs to everyone equally. And, it's all the same. There aren't different varieties of oxygen for different people-- even the isotopes of oxygen don't get doled out differently.

By using oxygen you aren't depriving someone else of oxygen-- you would be depriving yourself of oxygen at the same time.

Yes, everyone's oxygen is equal and identical, and no one gets to decide who gets to use it and who doesn't. If someone tries to deprive you of oxygen, you have every right to defend yourself from them, even with deadly force if they refuse to go away.

Women, being humans, have the same oxygen as anyone else. It can't be otherwise. It's pointless to protest for oxygen-- just breathe and use it.

Oh, wait... I didn't mean oxygen, I meant rights.


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  1. re-re-re-fighting societal issues from the 1800's, eh? or muslim issues?
    'cause that's long over and done with, except for the abusive lying attention demanding idiots wearing vagina hats.