Sunday, February 05, 2017

It's your choice to live in liberty

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for January 4, 2017)

I want your life to be better. I want you to be happier. I don't know your individual situation so I can't tell you what to do to make yourself better and happier. Nor do I have the authority to impose my ideas of what might help in your life, anyway. No one does, although some seem to believe they do.

I believe liberty is always better than slavery, voluntary is always better than coerced, and trade is always better than theft. If you believe something different, I have the right to defend myself from your actions, but I probably can't make you change your mind.

I can offer my opinions; I can point to evidence. If your mind is made up, those will not change it. In fact, studies have shown you are most likely to dig in your heels and refuse to even consider anything which goes against what you have already decided to believe.

There is a big danger attached to ideas of making things better. It's a short distance between believing something is better and feeling justified in forcing everyone to follow it "or else".

That's the flaw with most "laws". Someone got a bright idea they decided would be better, and instead of trying to convince people it would be a good idea, they cheated and made it mandatory. By creating a "law" based on their idea, they imposed it with guns.

If something is a good idea, you don't need to force people to follow it, and if you do have to force people, it's a clear sign your idea isn't as good as you believe. In fact, it's probably worthless, if not outright harmful.

This is why I wouldn't force you to live free even if I could. Such a thing as "forced freedom" is contradictory, but even worse, you can't be free without understanding freedom. Even if freed of government enslavement, without an understanding of what freedom and liberty mean, a person would fall right back into the cage. And probably be grateful to do so.

I respect your right to make mistakes and do the wrong thing. I hope you learn from your experiences. I hope you venture from the cage just enough to discover it's nice out here, and the things you have been trained to fear are mostly shadows and illusions. I want you to live in liberty because I'm certain it would be better for you. It's still your choice.

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  1. Nice article Sir, I will forward it to my Grand Daughters. Thanks!