Friday, February 03, 2017

Looking at "the Other"

Ever noticed how nationalists always think of "others" as dirty, disease-ridden, stupid, criminals?

It sure looks like projection to me.

What are they seeing?


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  1. the concept of property is that i can include or exclude "others".

    private property, because others not in my close family tribe are "dirty, disease-ridden, stupid, criminals" until proven otherwise. experience is that most are full of evil and cancerous thinking, for example. so gotta be careful who gets onto my property.

    or does all property belong to a collective?

    does a nation "own" land, or does land belong to some international collective?

  2. would like a reasoned discussion.
    have not thought much about this topic.
    suppose i should start...

  3. I suspect that true respect for property rights would severely cut down on what is referred to as "immigration". I might be wrong. I'm fine with it either way.