Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Response: Not Being ‘Evil’ Does Not Mean Being Foolish

enlightened rogue responded to my post Does evil justify evil? with this response: Not Being ‘Evil’ Does Not Mean Being Foolish

And, I agree with him to a point. But I do have a problem with this:

"Treating the symptoms of any problem will not ultimately correct its cause, but it will help lessen suffering from those symptoms and help prevent still further problems.

If treating the symptoms makes one comfortable enough to forget about the cause, the cause will stop being responded to. And this is what I see happen time after time. People only squeal about the symptoms as long as they are uncomfortable, but if you can make them comfortable again, they refuse to think about the cause until they are once again uncomfortable. I want statists to suffer from their poor choices.

 It's a difficult mess, to be sure.

Edited to add: If the symptoms aren't fatal, and the root cause is, treating the symptoms isn't "helping" anyone.


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