Saturday, July 08, 2017

Refugees: a government-created problem

I sympathize and empathize with refugees.

That doesn't mean I want any government importing them; it means I want governments to stop creating them.

Government-- The State-- has to die so that people can live how they have a right to live, where they have a right to be.

It's not complicated.

Refugee assembly line

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  1. "It's not complicated"

    Shows just how stupid people are that they blame the victims of their government.

    Trump needs to build the wall, as well as another one on the northern border, then put the whole nation on lock-down before starting a nuclear war that the USA cannot win.

    The idea is that since the USA is a BIG part of most problems in the world, it and it's statists can all be annihilated. Trap them all in and kill them all.