Tuesday, August 15, 2017

About those "bad apples"

Let's pretend that the problem with cops really is "just a few bad apples" like cop supporters continually insist.

What does an apple seller do with any bad apples he discovers in a barrel of apples?
Does the apple salesman make excuses for the bad apple and leave it in the barrel?
Does he remove it for a couple of weeks, then sneak it back in when no one is looking?
If he does toss it out, do other apple sellers enthusiastically come get it and put it in their barrel?
Do the other apples crowd around to protect the bad apple from being disposed of?
What happens if you leave bad apples in the barrel with the good apples?
Will the bad apples be made good again by exposure to the good apples, or will the bad apples ruin the whole barrel?

What are police departments doing with all the bad apples that keep turning up?
Are police departments disposing of the bad apples that expose themselves?

But, you might point out: people aren't fruit.
You're right. People aren't rotten fruit to be thrown in the compost heap. So why do cop supporters keep insisting on making that comparison?

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  1. Operative word: Pretend

    1. Exactly. Because the truth is that cops-- ALL cops-- are scum.

    2. I have made that argument repeatedly. A cop's job is to violate people, a fact that so many refuse to acknowledge or cannot grasp for their state-god brainwashing and ignorance.

      Explain how cops are thugs and watch people rationalize and justify them, but cannot counter the claim with any reasonable argument.

      What would we do without cops?

      ...not be coerced, stolen from, caged, assaulted or murdered for nonviolent behavior.

      ...defend ourselves without fear of being stolen from, caged, assaulted or murdered, etc.

  2. Excellent analogy.