Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Does that seem right to you?

Someone I care about is facing a sentencing on September 8, to plea bargain in an attempt to avoid a cage.

I don't know if she did what she is charged with doing. It seems completely out of character, based on what I know of her due to a friendship that has lasted 17+ years so far. And, it is completely irrelevant to my current objections, anyway. If she did what they claim, she owes someone restitution, and that "someone" isn't the State. The State's injustice system doesn't even have justice on the radar, but seeks only to punish.

So, on to my points:

Her lawyer told her that she has only two options-- plead guilty in a bid to avoid jail time, or go to jail. His reasoning? There is no evidence, and she confessed.

Seems to me "no evidence" should be in her favor-- innocent until PROVEN guilty is the lie we are fed.

Of course, when she "confessed" she was mentally ill-- in fact, this was so obvious to everyone involved she was immediately sent to a psych hospital and put on psych medication after she was booked. She has always had mental issues, and physical brain problems (epilepsy, for one). How is a confession under those circumstances even admissible?

Also, her lawyer admitted to her that he has become friends with the DA during the course of his "defense". Conflict of interest? Seems clear to me.

I don't know if her lawyer is a public defender or an actual defense lawyer. Either way it seems he wants to save his buddies in the DA's office some trouble, and is railroading his client into unnecessary trouble. Not ethical behavior at all.

If I had the money I would pay to get her a real defense lawyer; one committed to truth and justice, and not just pragmatic convenience and keeping his political friends happy.

Thank you for helping support


  1. The state has no legitimacy or right to even exist, not to mention getting onto people's business.

    The answer is to identify the chain of command from the pigs to rule-makers applicable to her situation and kill them all and their families and burn their homes.

    The basic reasoning is this; Dead people don't ______. If they are all dead, then they cannot mind her business or cage her.

  2. Having spent almost 6 years in the state penitentiary, this story doesn't surprise me even a little bit; there are literally thousands of stories as bad as this and worse in our criminal injustice system.
    Talking to the police is never fun, and it's always a terrible idea. "Informations and confessions" are the grease that lubricate the atrocities many Americans have personally witnessed. We, the abused, can only seek God and thank Him for choosing us to fulfill His plans.
    (I know this rings hollow for many people, but it is what got me through my ordeal, and what continues to help me endure. Once you've found yourself in the states sights and branded with the title of Felon, life will never be the same. The vast majority of Americans are like innocent babes when it comes to Liberty, and take it much too much for granted. With the myriad of new "laws" being written daily, more innocents will be dragged into the maw of the state, to be chewed up and spit out broken and damaged before the majority wakes up to the government's abusive nature and, as a people stop begging it to regulate and protect us.)