Tuesday, August 01, 2017

How to disappoint me

The fastest way for me to become disappointed in someone I care about is for them to take a government "job". That'll do it every time.

It doesn't matter how "respectable" others believe that "job" is.
It doesn't matter if the "job" is believed to be "necessary" or "helpful".
It doesn't matter how badly you need the "job".
It doesn't matter if it's a "job" also filled in the voluntary sector.
It doesn't matter if I still like you and think you are basically a "good" person.
It doesn't matter how much (stolen) money it pays.

If you side with government to get money, I am disappointed in you.

Whether that matters or not is a separate issue altogether.

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  1. Have you expressed your disappointment to any family members that have done this? I have one or more family members that are going or have gone down this path and mainly we just avoid the topic.

    1. I have. But either it completely goes over their head and they don't even register the words I am saying, or there's the standard excuse "it's a good job/ I have to make money/ etc." Most people still see a government job as "honest work", and my opinion isn't going to change that. Or so it seems.