Sunday, September 10, 2017

You can't have it both ways, Constitutionalists

Who is the enemy of Rightful Liberty?

It is the one who violates it, or advocates violating it. It is the one who asks others to violate it on his behalf.


No one else can be the enemy of Rightful Liberty.

So, who is violating Rightful Liberty?
Who advocates violating Rightful Liberty?
Who asks others to violate Rightful Liberty on his behalf?

Archators-- specifically including anyone who advocates governing others-- do. That's who.

It doesn't matter if they try to govern others with socialism, communism, republicanism, democracy, theocracy, or some other version of statism. Governing others is always a violation of Rightful Liberty.

This means those who use the US Constitution as some sort of touchstone are mortal enemies of Rightful Liberty. The Constitution established a government. A State. As such it continues to violate Rightful Liberty with everything it permits or fails to prevent, even to this day. And Constitutionalists encourage it to do so. Even harder, if it suits them.

They'll deny it venomously. They'll try to place the blame elsewhere. On you. Somehow they'll blame you for not "enforcing Constitutional limits" on the State a hundred years or more before you were born. They'll blame you for not demanding employees of the State stay inside those limits (or at least the limits they like) now-- and will tell you v*ting is the way to accomplish it. They'll claim it's the way to scare them into behaving. Never mind that it has never worked. Yes, it would be hilarious if it weren't so sad and dangerous.

They'll promise to defend Rightful Liberty to the death-- your death-- while utterly destroying Rightful Liberty with everything they advocate, delegate, and do.

They'll even advocate things, using the Constitution as a justification, that the Constitution didn't ever allow. Such as "immigration" control. Ask about that and they'll point to the part about "naturalization"; ignoring that it set out how to make someone a "citizen", not how to allow them to be here. This shows they support something they don't even understand, and make it up when it suits their feelings.

And they'll feel pleased with themselves, and feel superior.

They are not necessarily the greatest threat to Rightful Liberty right now. Their numbers are too small. Others may be worse and are more numerous. But if you mistakenly believe they understand and support liberty, and see you as an ally, you are making a fatal error.

Just heed the warning.

Those who want you to doubt that anarchy (self ownership and individual responsibility) is the best, most moral, and ethical way to live among others are asking you to accept that theft, aggression, superstition, and slavery are perhaps better. They are dead wrong. No matter the excuses they use.

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1 comment:

  1. The US (or any statist)constitution is garbage. The US CONstitution is a framework for coercive government with a section regarding managing rights as is convenient for the state.

    For example; There is no such thing as "gun rights". That is based on the false premise that government decides rights. In the real world, human have a natural instinct of self preservation that requires us to protect our self and family and property and community. It is not limited to only guns and has nothing to do with the state.

    But what people are calling gun rights is simply a restriction on rights as contextualized around a false premise. The whole CONstitution works the same way. It's bullshit. Scrap it.

    If it were structured in a way as to be based on reality, as well as be very clear and concise, and basically idiot proof, as to explain the premise and entire chain of reason to protect rights, it may be worth something.

    I think Jefferson and a few others understood and tried to make it as such, but was only few of many with equal/greater influence. Look at the declaration of independence. It is Jefferson writing a declaration and explaining why. The premise of why is reality and rights and rightful human existence.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."