Thursday, November 02, 2017

Paint and corners and statists

In Facebook discussions I sometimes find it amusing to let statists paint themselves into corners.

It's easy for them to do, because statism is internally inconsistent and stupid. All I have to do is keep them talking, and that corner, surrounded by the paint they applied, with no way out, is where they'll end up.

I just keep asking questions about their position, and leading them where they are already heading. I try to avoid saying anything too shocking, or anything that will scare them off.

OK, so maybe it's not so much that I let them paint themselves into a corner, as I help them. I give them the paint and brush if necessary.

What is sad is how often they realize what is happening and go silent right at the end. Right before the fun part. I feel robbed because I don't get to use my ultimate point when that happens. Such is life.

Yes, I have a mean streak. The ZAP helps keep it under control.

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1 comment:

  1. Law is an inconsistent and unprincipled argument for violence. So it is easy to slice and dice it in debates.

    But ego is more important than truth and reason or ethics to so many. They will wholly reject anything that may threaten their ego attached to the state-cult life they have created. They have to love the state because they have so much invested. You must be a kook and a moron or it means they have to admit they are a foolish serf.

    Talk about something horrible like burning women and children to death and they hate you, unless it is THEIR state doing it behind the magic quilt and a song. People know the difference, except when state-god does it, because their ego is attached.